F.A.Q. Kahe POD

Which boats is my Pod compatible with?

The Kahe POD is an electric motor compatible with all Canoe Kayak, Stand Up Paddle, Float Tube and Dinghy type boats fitted with sliding or US box fin boxes. If your boat doesn't have one, our kit makes it easy to fit a compatible fin box.

Inflatable SUP: compatibility chart

Inflatable kayaks: compatibility chart

Canoe / Kayak / Rigid rotomolded SUP (Sit on Top): our quick-fit kit

How do I recharge the battery on my electric assist?

Unscrew the nose of the Kahe POD by turning firmly counter-clockwise, disconnecting the battery cable if connected. Connect the battery charger to the battery connector. The removable battery can be left in the Kahe POD or taken out when recharging.

How long does it take to recharge my battery?

Allow around 3 hours to fully charge the battery if it is completely discharged.

What are the recommended uses for the battery?

Please note that the battery is not waterproof. Do not handle with wet hands. It is essential to store and charge your battery in a cool (between +10°C and +25°C), dry place away from sunlight and rain. Do not store a discharged battery, as deep discharging may cause it to malfunction. If you're not going to be using your battery for a long time, it's best to store it between 50% and 75% charged, to preserve it for as long as possible. The Kahe Surf mobile application shows you the precise state of charge of your battery.

Should I wait until my battery is completely discharged before recharging it?

No, lithium batteries don't have a "memory effect", so you can recharge your main battery whenever you like, even if it's not completely discharged.

How do I plug the battery into my Pod?

Insert the battery the right way round: 

  • the round side of the battery is positioned on the side of the mounting interface
  • the battery connector towards the nose of the Pod 

Connect the motor cable to the battery, then close the motor nose until the mark opposite the padlock is aligned, then turn clockwise 1 turn until the mark is again aligned with the padlock.
To ensure a watertight seal, the gasket must be clean and in good condition, and the motor nose screwed on correctly.

How do I install electric assistance on my kayak or stand-up paddle?

In just a few seconds, the electric assist can be fitted in place of a fin on your boat. Remove the fin if installed, and insert the Kahe Pod in its place, with the Pod Nose pointing in the direction of the boat's bow, making sure you have the right interface (slide or Us )! And off you go ;) 

Do the electric assist and remote control float?

In normal use, the motor cannot come loose. But if this happens due to a handling error, the motor will float on its own, with the colored front visible out of the water for easy identification. Likewise, if the remote control accidentally falls into the water, it too will float.

What happens if I fall out of the boat and the propulsion is on?

When you fall and the remote control is submerged in the water, the assistance automatically cuts out within a few meters. In all cases, keep the remote control with you and always use a board leash, a paddle leash and even the remote control leash included in our pack.

Do you have to row to start the electric assist?

Electric assistance is activated by simply pressing the central button on the remote control after selecting the desired assistance speed (speed 1, 2 or 3). However, we have designed this product as a paddling assistance and recommend paddling at the same time to get the most out of your outing and optimize battery life and distance covered.

Can I buy a second battery?

The pack already contains 1 battery providing up to 2 hours of autonomy in motor-assist mode. A new battery is available from us or our partners. The recommended retail price is 89 euros. It's very practical, especially for alternating sessions, lending to friends or family, and of course highly recommended if you're a professional such as a Club or Renter.

Can I take my battery on a plane?

The Kahe POD's battery capacity is less than 100 Wh, so it can be carried in the cabin without any problems (up to 20 batteries of less than 100 Wh per passenger). See the reference document published by IATA (International Air Transport Association).

Are the components watertight?

The entire assistance system, including the remote control, is of course waterproof to IP 68: the system has been tested by an independent laboratory at one meter under water for 24 hours, without the slightest droplet of water entering the system.
Please note, however, that the battery and motor interior are not waterproof, so it's important to keep the Pod head closed and screwed down after handling. In fact, we've deliberately asked you to put some force into screwing the Pod head on to ensure a perfect seal. 

Can I leave my charger connected to my battery even if it has finished charging?

Yes, the charger turns green at the end of charging, and can remain connected to the battery without any problem.

We do, however, recommend that you disconnect the battery and charger when the battery is charged, so as not to consume energy unnecessarily.

What should I do with my old battery?

When your battery is worn out, return it to one of our partner sites, our head office (Lacanau - 33 ) or our assembly plant (Marnaz - 74), and it will be taken in charge for recycling by a specialized organization.

How do I pair my electric assist with my remote control?

To pair the remote control with your helper, connect the main battery to the inside of the Kahe POD, close the front part (the POD head), screw it on tightly to ensure watertightness, switch on your remote control, press the + and - buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds! A blue LED starts flashing, synchronization with the motor is automatic, and as soon as the 4 red battery level LEDs appear at the bottom of the remote control, it's connected to your motor.

When pairing, make sure you don't have another Pod switched on nearby.

How long does the remote control last?

The remote control has a battery life of around ten hours. When the remote control's battery is low, a red LED starts flashing slowly when less than 30% charge remains, then flashes rapidly when less than 10% charge remains. 

Even if the indicator light starts to flash, the remote control battery is designed to last at least one complete outing with your electric assistance.

How do I recharge the remote control?

The remote control is supplied with a USB charging cable. Plug the magnetic connector into the remote control, and the other end into a USB socket.

Can I change my speed?

The remote control allows you to choose between 3 speeds.

What's more, these speeds can be set using the Kahe Surf app, which I found on App Store and Play Store. 

The app also lets me identify my POD (very useful for pros who have a fleet of several Pods) and change my communication channel between remote control and Pod if necessary.


2-year legal warranty on all Kahe POD parts.