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Designed and assembled in France


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Multifunction electric motor for boats

Up to 10 km/h
Up to 8 hours of autonomy
15 kg static thrust
Powerful and quiet

Following the success of the first pre-orders, we are continuing with the next batch, which will be shipped in June! Product delivery is scheduled for May 2024 (first batch) and June 2024 (current batch).

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The KAHE POD 600 is first and foremost an electric outboard motor for boats up to 600 kg. It can also be transformed into an underwater scooter in a matter of seconds, or into an electric helper for water sports (kayak, float tube, SUP...), with the appropriate accessories.



    The package includes :
    - Kahe POD 600 waterproof motor - IP68 certified up to 5 metres

    - The remote control IP68-certified waterproof to 5 metres Kahe POD battery level indicator + 3 speeds + reverse + on/off button

    - Accessories for wrist remote control

    - Battery Kahe POD 600 lithium ion cells LG: 420 Wh seamless technology easily recyclable

    - Kahe POD 600 220-volt charger (full charge in approx. 5 hours)

    - USB cable for recharging the remote control via any USB socket

    - A carrying case for the Kahe POD 600


    Specifications & Battery

    Weight: 4.5 kg with battery

    Static thrust: 15 kg (33 lb)

    Dimensions (cm): 61 cm long x 17 cm x 20 cm high


    Lithium-ion cells, LG chem 21700 cells (same as Tesla), seamless GOUACH technology for easy disassembly for recycling, repair and dismantling.   

    Capacity 420 Wh - Nominal voltage 21.6V

    For autonomy of up to 8 hours 
    A full charge takes about 5 hours.

    Maintenance & Warranty

    The Kahe POD 600 is easy to care for. Here are a few recommendations for taking care of it and avoiding injury:
    - avoid heat, do not leave the Kahe POD out of the water in direct sunlight for too long.
    - rinse the entire product with clear (non-salty) water after each session.
    - The Kahe POD electric assist is equipped with an intelligence system that automatically cuts off propulsion in the event of a fall.
    - keep hands or any object away from the propeller.

    The legal conformity warranty is 2 years for the entire product (electric assistance, remote control and battery).

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    The KAHE POD 600 is a powerful electric outboard motor that silently and odorlessly propels boats up to 600 kg. It's very light (just 4.5 kg with its built-in battery), easily transportable (can be unhooked without tools in 2 seconds), and is a 3-in-1 product (underwater scooter and electric assistance in a few gestures).

    pod 600.png__PID:8bda6d2e-c73e-4234-b5f1-19be6c44dde4

    1 product

    3 functions

    Motor for dinghies, boats
    and fishing boats

    Underwater snorkeling scooter with handle and safety grid

    Electric assistance for kayak, stand-up paddle or float-tube


    KAHE POD 600 | Presentation of the multifunction electric outboard motor

    The KAHE POD 600 has been selected by ZODIAC for its new dinghy range!  

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    To have been able to test before launch, excellent product

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I use the KAHE POD 600?

    The electric motor is very easy to use, and installs in a single movement on the tiller of your boat or dinghy. The motor is controlled by a wrist-mounted remote control (forward 3 speeds / reverse). It can be attached to a kayak or stand-up paddle in a matter of seconds, thanks to the available interfaces. The snorkeling handle transforms the KAHE POD 600 into an underwater scooter. A Go Pro camera mount is available on this handle, enabling you to film your underwater excursions.

    What is the autonomy?

    Use on a zodiac-type dinghy with 4 people on board close to maximum power (keeping a reserve of power if necessary): 1 hour
    Use in underwater scooter mode (speed of approx. 4 to 7 km/h): 2 to 3 hours
    Use on a kayak or stand-up paddle: up to 8 hours of autonomy (over 30 km of motor distance)