Rod joined the team shortly after testing the first prototypes. In building the Evolutive and Mini-Mal, Rod had always envisaged making a board that would make surfing more accessible. A long-time surfer at heart, Rod was initially skeptical about using a motor on a board. But with equipment and materials constantly evolving, and the water sports industry changing rapidly, Rod could only see the advantages and potential that an electric assist could have on a well-shaped surfboard. Thanks to his experience and sense of innovation, Rod helped Kahe achieve the level and quality of shapes we had set ourselves from the start of the project.


Rod has been surfing for 38 years and shaping for... 23 years. Rod has surfed just about everywhere in the world, but his passion for creating innovative, customized board designs for the everyday surfer was immediately apparent. By the age of twenty, Rod had already become a recognized shaper in his own right in France and abroad. From the outset, Rod knew that not everyone's approach to surfing was the same, especially in the difficult surfing conditions experienced on France's Atlantic coast. Every surfer has a different height, weight and style. Some are beginners, others are surfers at heart or competitors.

Now based in Carcans-Plage, on the west coast of France, Rod has owned a surf store and surf school for over twenty years. Being at the heart of surfing in France for all these years, observing all types of surfers and listening to their feedback, Rod has always strived to make the ideal custom shape for every type of surfer and every type of condition, from Shortboards to Paddleboards, Fish, Evolutive, Guns, Longboards and Tandems.