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Designed and assembled in France


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Electric propulsion for SUP, Kayak, float tube...
Contrôlable à distance, jusqu'à 7km/h
Plus de 2 heures d'autonomie, silencieux
Envoi gratuit dans l'Union Européenne

Pay in 3 free instalments with


In just a few seconds, add electric assistance to your Stand-Up Paddle, Canoe, Kayak or Float tube!


    Easily attached in place of the fin (or to an attachable housing), the Kahe POD acts as an electric assist and stabilizing fin (even when the assist is off).

    • Compatible with sliding aileron mounts
    • Compatible with US box aileron mounts
    • For others: simple attachment of a compatible bracket to the boat



      The pack includes :
      - Kahe POD marine motor - waterproof IP68

      - The remote control IP68 waterproof Kahe POD battery level indicator + 3 speeds + on/off button

      - Accessories for attaching the remote control to the paddle or wrist

      - Kahe POD lithium ion LG cell battery: 99.6 Wh

      - Kahe POD charger

      - USB cable for recharging the remote control via any USB socket

      - Interface for standard sliding fin housings 

      - Interface for US Box drift boxes  

      Specifications & Battery

      Weight: 1.7 kg with battery
      Dimensions (cm): 50 X 8 X 10 cm


      Main part: PP with 20% fibreglass for strength and rigidity
      Spindle: ABS with TPR overmoulding



      The battery can be removed in three seconds, allowing you to use a second battery if you need more autonomy. The Kahe POD is authorized for air travel (in the cabin for the battery).

      Lithium-ion technology, LG chem 21700 cells (same as Tesla).

      Allowed on board aircraft (battery in cabin)
      For sessions of up to 2 hours with the engine running.
      Full charge takes around 3 hours.

      Capacity: 99.6 Wh - Nominal voltage: 21.6 V

      Maintenance & Warranty

      The Kahe POD is easy to care for. Here are a few recommendations for taking care of it and avoiding injury:
      - avoid heat, do not leave the Kahe POD and its battery in direct sunlight.
      - unplug the battery when the Kahe POD is not in use.
      - rinse the entire product in clear (non-salty) water after each session. Dry the product thoroughly before opening.
      - The Kahe POD is equipped with an intelligent system that automatically cuts off propulsion in the event of a fall.
      - Keep hands and other objects away from the propeller.

      The legal conformity warranty is 2 years for the entire product (electric assistance, remote control and battery).


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      The propulsion system turns your classic boat into an electrically-assisted craft! 

      Sailing with the Kahe POD takes you further. Propulsion alleviates the effects of wind and currents. It also balances out the levels within a group of people. The Kahe POD is very easy to use: it connects to a SUP, canoe, kayak, inflatable boat or dinghy in place of the fin.


      The remote control is attached to the wrist or paddle using the wrist strap supplied in the pack. It allows you to choose your speed and monitor the level of battery power available.

      Propulsion is silent and light (only 1.7 kg).


      Compatibility with my boat

      Please contact us if your product is not listed.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Jean-Michel Ferrand
      Float tube with KAHE POD

      I fitted the POD to, or rather under, my float tube using a plate glued (like an itiwi paddle) under the float at seat level. It fits perfectly under the boat and doesn't touch the ground during transport. Once in the water, the product does the job without a hitch, with three adjustable speeds via the dedicated app (perfect for vertical drifting). To steer, simply lean to one side or the other, or use your flippers, and there's no battery to carry, no cables and enough autonomy for long sessions. In short, a light and efficient installation at a moderate cost. Nicolas from KAHE will be happy to meet you for further information! Beautiful innovation, bluffing product.

      Tomaz Muraus
      Great addition to an inflatable kayak (itiwit x100)

      I have a two person Dechatlon itiwit x100 and I recently also purchased this motor at Dechatlon (it's the same motor, just sold under Dechatlon brand). I kayak on the canals in Amsterdam and I wanted something to help me be a bit faster (x100 is very nice and stable inflatable, but due to the wide and stable hull it's a bit slow) and to offset the wind a bit (here it's very rare to have a calm day and quite strong wind is very common).

      I tried different motor positions, but since I paddle myself, sit in the back and I'm also on the heavy side, motor doesn't really work well in the center front fin position since front part of the boat sticks out of the water.

      Aft right fin position works fine and it doesn't affect tracking much even though it's installed on the side and not in the center (you are constantly pedaling and as such adjusting the boat position as well).

      Having said that, in the future I will likely still purchase a glue on fin adapter and install it in the middle close to the aft of the boat.

      So far the motor has been great and exactly what I hoped for / expected.

      I will be able to provide a better feedback on the battery life once I will have more chance to test it under different settings and conditions.

      I also interacted with the Kahe support a bit here and they have been fast, efficient and friendly👍

      P.S. If you want to use this electric assist motor and sail and moor in Amsterdam, make sure you apply for and pay for a yearly green vignette / permit.

      Chaulet Alexis
      Packraft + pod

      Pod mounted on the front of an itiwit packraft 500

      The pod fits easily into a classic 50/60l touring bag with a packraft and all the necessary navigation gear.

      autonomy is around one and a half to two hours, depending on the speed selected.
      The battery can be changed, but the pod must be removed from the water.
      I get up to 5-6 km/h with just the motor, which is enough to have fun.
      I find it relatively light to carry and not very noisy at low speeds!
      It seems sturdy, but we'll have to wait and see.

      To sum up: A real treat and a childhood dream to go around with your little motorboat in your backpack.

      I love it and recommend it!
      I hope that one day there will be a battery that will double the autonomy!

      Great product, great experience

      Super product: effective, solid, easy to use
      and ...
      Great experience with the whole family; wife, children and even ...grandfather

      Personally, I've gone further than I've ever gone with a traditional SUP.
      Easy and safe !!!!

      paddle with kahe pod

      Super I highly recommend, for paddle days, my daughter is delighted as well as me and my wife hihihi we're already fighting for a ride, surprised at the battery life, so I ordered a second for more fun.

      Frequently asked questions

      Does the engine noise bother me or my environment?

      The Kahe POD is silent, so there's no noise pollution for you or others around you.

      How far can I travel with it?

      The battery lasts for 2 hours with the engine running.

      How can I be sure it's compatible with my boat?

      Below is a table listing compatible boats. If you can't find your boat, please contact us.