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Kahe POD support gluing kit for PVC inflatable boats

Kahe POD support gluing kit for PVC inflatable boats

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Here's a kit with a sliding bracket for Kahe POD and PVC glue. This kit allows you to glue a Kahe POD bracket to boats that don't have a sliding fin box or US box. For example, on tenders or inflatable float tubes. Gluing is very simple: just mark the location of the bracket, sand lightly with sandpaper, put glue on the bracket, then apply to the boat. It sets quickly, but you need to wait 24 hours before using it. After that, it's impossible to remove the glue.

1) Mark the interface location

(on a kayak, you can position it so that the front of the Kahe POD is approximately in the center of the kayak, so the support is slightly set back about 30 cm from the center of the kayak):


2) Lightly sand the PVC of the boat where the support will be glued. 

3) Sand the underside as well 

4) Apply PVC glue to the underside of the substrate

Over the entire surface that will be in contact with the boat, then press the backing onto the boat. Press firmly until it starts to stick. Leave in place for 24 hours, until the solvents have evaporated. 



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