At Kahe, we innovate every day to make boating more accessible (cheaper, simpler) while being even more respectful of the environment. 

Our focus is on ease of use, affordability and reducing carbon footprint. 

We have an advantage in achieving this: we control the majority of the value chain: from research and development (design, engineering) to communication, industrialization and logistics, we master each of the key stages. 

We are a French company, and we work with professionals with whom we create lasting, sincere relationships, and who, like us, share a voluntary vision of the energy transition at the service of the world's oceans, seas, lakes and rivers.


Our vision of decarbonizing a sector is compatible with the democratization of its practice. Indeed, we believe it is our responsibility to bring more people to the water who share the desire to respect it even more, by adopting low-impact solutions for travel and leisure.


We strive to make our products simple, hyper-modular and sustainable. Our hyper-modularity solutions, for example, enable us to design 3-in-1 products (1 single product = 3 solutions for use), which divides by 3 the impact in terms of sourcing, production, transport and storage. This also divides by 3 the final price for a user interested in our products: by buying only 1 product, he can offer himself 3 different uses.


We are also working relentlessly on our business model, choosing innovative, reliable technological solutions and sustainable components to ensure that our production costs, and therefore our sales prices, are as fair as possible.

We make and control our own molds and essential spare parts to guarantee controlled costs. 

We register our patents and protect our technical solutions.