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KAHE 8'0 electric surfboard

KAHE 8'0 electric surfboard

Test electric assistance

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2-hour minimum session
Ultra-light & silent
Natural sensations
Safe in the event of a fall

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Innovation - The only one of its kind in the world!
The only electrically-powered surfboard that makes surfing super-easy and completely natural.


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✔ Includes rear pad, fins and leash 

- The board is a mini-malibu 8' type
- Designed by a pro shaper (Rod's Surfboard, 35 years of shaping)
- The assistance was imagined, designed and perfected in our laboratory in Lacanau (Atlantic coast)
- Preset via a mobile app
- Silent, emission-free
- 3 world patents
- 160 Wh Lithium battery (LG cells, the same as Tesla....) for surfing sessions of between 2 and 2.5 hours. Airplane-approved (cabin only, up to 2 batteries)
- Automatic cut-off of propulsion after takeoff to enable natural surfing (except if wave too weak: assistance then remains in support)
- Automatic cut-off in the event of a fall (safety)


Composition of the board

Board: EPS core 20kg/m3, fiberglass skin with epoxy laminated in an aluminum mold.

Propulsion: Propeller: PA with 30% fiberglass, nozzle: PP with 20% fiberglass, motor shaft: stainless steel, screws: stainless steel (AISI 316). Brushless electric motor with neodymium magnets.

Fins: supplied with fins (PA + fibreglass).

Leash: supplied with 7mm leash

Battery: ABS/PC housing, lithium-ion technology, LG chem 18650 cells.

Shape & Dimensions

A perfect shape to start surfing and carving in gentle waves.

Fin arrangement: Quad (4 fins)

Fin compatibility: FUTURES

Tail style: Mini squash

Bottom shape: Concave, double concave

Rail type: Medium / box

Board dimensions :


Board size: 8' or 244 cm

Volume: 62 L

Weight: 6.7 kg (board only), additional 2.7 kg for battery and propulsion

Dimensions (inches): 8' X 22'7/16'' X 3"

Dimensions (cm): 244 X 57 X 7.8 cm


Maintenance & Warranty

The electric-assist surfboard is easy to maintain. Here are a few recommendations for maintenance:

When not in use, keep your board and battery in your board-bag (avoid heat, and don't leave the board and battery in the sun).
Rinse the entire board in clear (unsalted) water after each session. Rinse the propeller and connector specifically when they are still connected.
Before disconnecting the battery connector, make sure it is completely dry (water must not get inside the connector, especially salt water).


Board: 2 years; Motor: 2 years; Battery: 1 year

Shipping policy
Shipping costs: Free pickup at our Lacanau headquarters. Shipping: free (France). For other destinations or quantities, please contact us.

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    Rowing has never been easier: the propulsion doubles your rowing power and lets you get back to the lineup quickly. Save your energy for your takeoff and surfing!


    Propulsion helps you catch waves and keeps the board more stable, so you can concentrate on what you're doing. The assistance cuts out automatically after the takeoff if the wave is powerful enough, leaving you to surf naturally.


    Kahe boards let you take on waves that are normally too soft or too small to surf without assistance. So you can surf more often, for longer, and away from crowded areas!


Maé (competitive surfer) and Téo (waterman, pro-surfer).


Kahe boards offer unique intelligent surfing assistance for all levels. The discreet, waterproof micro-propulsion activates automatically when catching powerful waves, but deactivates as soon as you take off for a natural surfing experience.

The mobile app lets you customize settings via Bluetooth, while the removable battery can be replaced in seconds.

How does the electric-assist board work?

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Incredible session, always waves to catch with these boards! I was able to try out the products for an afternoon at Carcans, with conditions that weren't really great, but I loved it all the same!
I recommend ++++++


Quite simply, during a test session with Louis, I had my best session in the water since I started surfing.
I had the time of my life! Incredibly ingenious, the thruster gives a little boost to help you catch as many waves as possible!
Any apprehension I might have had before about passing the bar, for example (when it's shaking quite a bit), has disappeared!
A big thank you to Louis for his sympathy and sharing!
Well done to the whole team!

Surfing +++

One session with the Kahe electric surfboard and it was 3 hours in another world:
- First of all, the motor is well integrated into the board and is very discreet.
- While continuing to paddle, the aid increases the speed of movement and allows you to position yourself quickly to catch the right waves.
- The aid also helps you keep up with the tempo of the wave, making it easier to take off, without diminishing the sensation of gliding, since the motor stops by itself in a few seconds.
- Last but not least, the helm passes more easily and the return to the peak is quicker.
--> More time on the board to surf
--> More progression!
--> And lots of fun!
Thanks Kahe for this discovery.

A magical gliding sensation!

I've been surfing with a shortboard for several years now, but now I've had the chance to surf a Kahe board, and it's a LOT of FUN! It's so easy to paddle back out to sea, and it feels the same with or without a motor! In short, it's like catching three times as many waves in one session!

Paul leys
A nice surprise

Surfing for several years. I was a bit skeptical before testing this electrically-assisted board. But what a nice surprise! It's a stable board that still gives you a great feeling, with the added advantage of being less tiring.
Bravo for this great innovation.

Frequently asked questions

What is the battery life and how long does it take to recharge?

The 160 Wh lithium battery provides between 2 and 2.5 hours of surfing time. Recharging time depends on a number of factors, but in general, you should allow a few hours for a full charge.

How exactly does electric assistance work during a surf session?

The electric assistance operates using a brushless electric motor with neodymium magnets, coupled to a propeller and nozzle made of special materials. This assistance is pre-set via a mobile app and activates automatically on takeoff. It switches off automatically after the takeoff to enable natural surfing, except in the case of waves that are too weak, where the assistance remains active to support the surfer.

Is it suitable for beginners or only for experienced surfers?

The board is designed to be used by beginners and experienced surfers alike. Its perfect shape for getting started and ease of use make it an ideal choice for beginners, while experienced surfers can appreciate the electric assistance to extend their sessions or ride less powerful waves.

What are the integrated safety measures to avoid accidents?

The board features a number of safety measures, including automatic cut-off of propulsion after the takeoff to allow natural surfing without excess energy, and automatic cut-off in the event of a fall. What's more, the battery and propulsion are designed to be waterproof, and the warranty includes coverage for major components such as the electronic board, motor and battery.