New electric outboard motor: industrial production molds

New electric outboard motor: industrial production molds

All the production molds for the Kahe POD 600 are almost complete! These molds are used to inject the plastic parts that make up the Kahe POD 600: main body, propeller, underdrive, propeller fairing, lithium battery components... Our electric outboard motor for boats is now ready for production. The molds still need some fine-tuning and finishing. The first parts will be released in a few days' time, and we'll be going through all the tests necessary to validate them in the coming weeks. In a few months' time, we'll be ready to assemble the products in Marnaz (Haute Savoie, France), so that you can receive your next electric motors for your tenders, sailboats, fishing boats and other nautical craft... next spring!

Mould for the main body part of the marine electric propulsion : 

Mould Kahe POD 600 electric motor boat

Sub-driveshaft mold located under the electric outboard motor: 


Propeller fairing mold contributing to propulsive force:
Electric Boat Propeller Fairing Mold 
Snorkeling handle mold for electric underwater scooter mode: 

Production Mold nautical Electric Motor



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