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Electric outboard motor for boats up to 600 kg! Power your tender or boat with up to 4 or 5 people on board. Quiet, odorless, powerful and multi-functional!

Pre-ordered for delivery in spring 2024.



The KAHE POD 600 is selected by ZODIAC, the world's leading manufacturer of semi-rigid models.

1 product

3 functions

Motor for dinghies, boats
and fishing boats

Underwater snorkeling scooter with handle and safety grid

Electric assistance for kayak, stand-up paddle or float-tube

Selected by ZODIAC! 

Innovation of the Year


The KAHE POD 600 has been selected and validated by ZODIAC!  


In view of the success of the first production batch, which has already been fully pre-ordered, we're continuing to take pre-orders for another 15 days for the next batch, which will be shipped in June! 

Product delivery is scheduled for May 2024 (first batch) and June 2024 (current batch).

PRE-ORDER - The Kahe POD 600 is available for pre-order with a special offer. Specific pre-order prices are defined on this page. The motor alone comes complete with remote control, built-in battery and 220-volt charger. Mounting accessories are optional. The visuals presented on this page remain prototypes at the end of development, and are subject to change at the time of production. Similarly, technical specifications are based on prototype tests and numerical simulations, and may vary slightly at the time of final production. KAHE undertakes to refund all pre-orders in full if the customer considers that the product marketed is too different from the visuals and specifications presented.

You can also crowdfund the project on Kickstarter!

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Pre-orders are now being crowdfunded.
Visit our project page on KICKSTARTER!



Powerful: pushes boats up to 600 kg (and even 1.2 tons on fine sailboats) and up to 5 knots
Strong and light: one-piece, 4.5 kg battery included
Convenient: installs in a jiffy, can be used with connected wristband (3 forward speeds & reverse)
High-performance: LG Chem 420 Wh battery, up to 6 hours' autonomy
Seamless battery: recyclable, repairable, with recycled lithium cells (optional)
Electric: silent, odorless, no carbon emissions into the environment in use
French: created in Lacanau (Nouvelle-Aquitaine), assembled in France

The Kahe Pod 600 is the first multi-purpose electric outboard motor to push a boat and transform itself into an underwater scooter or assistance for a kayak or dinghy.

For example, you can take your dinghy equipped with the KAHE POD 600 to your boat, then use your electric motor for daytime activities such as kayaking, snorkelling to discover the seabed, stand-up paddling, fishing...

For example, you can take your dinghy equipped with the KAHE POD 600 to your boat, then use your electric motor for daytime activities such as kayaking, snorkelling to discover the seabed, stand-up paddling, fishing...

A battery that's easy to recycle.
The battery uses an innovative architecture patented by a Bordeaux-based start-up (GOUACH). The lithium cells are not welded together. This makes the battery easy to dismantle, recycle and repair. It can be removed in a matter of seconds (just 2 screws). As an option, we can supply it with recycled lithium cells.

How do I use the KAHE POD 600?
The electric motor is very easy to use, and installs in a single movement on the tiller of the boat or dinghy. The motor is controlled by a wrist-mounted remote control (forward 3 speeds / reverse). It can be attached to a kayak or stand-up paddle in a matter of seconds, thanks to the available interfaces. The snorkeling handle transforms the KAHE POD 600 into an underwater scooter. A Go Pro camera mount is available on this handle to allow you to film your underwater excursions.

Decarbonizing the oceans
We are convinced that the pleasure boating market needs to undergo a revolution, just as the automotive market has done in recent years with the arrival of electric cars. Our ambition is to contribute to the decarbonization of seas, lakes and oceans by offering a solution that replaces combustion engines with electric motors.

Cleaner energy.
In use, the KAHE POD 600 releases no pollution into the water or air. It respects the aquatic environment by being silent and odorless (which is also good for your nose and ears!). The KAHE POD 600 can be recharged at 220V (charger supplied), or at 12V, 24V or via solar panels (specific chargers).

A word from the designer
Our team designed this electric motor with the aim of making it high-performance, multi-purpose and easy to use. After 5 years of research and development, we are very proud to offer a reliable product that meets all expectations. Our patented technology and on-board intelligence make the KAHE POD 600 the first intelligent electric motor for boats and water sports.

The shape of the KAHE POD 600 has been worked out to optimize its penetration into the water and offer the best thrust performance. The propeller fairing ensures superior safety while actively contributing to thrust. 

Technical specifications


Nominal voltage: 21.6V
Capacity: 420 Wh
Lithium technology, 21700 cells assembled without soldering (GOUACH patent) for easy dismantling: lithium cells replaced in minutes, easy recycling, easily repairable, optional use of recycled lithium cells.
Charging: 220 volts (charger supplied, charges in 5 hours), 12V or 24V (optional, charges in 2 hours)


Use on a zodiac-type dinghy with 4 people on board close to maximum power (keeping a reserve of power if necessary): 1 hour
Use in underwater scooter mode (speed of approx. 4 to 7 km/h): 2 to 3 hours
Use on a kayak or stand-up paddle: up to 6 hours of autonomy (over 30 km of motor distance)


4.5 kg bare engine (it floats! no risk of losing it on the ocean floor...)
60cm long, 12 cm diameter (front part), 18 cm diameter (rear propeller fairing)

DEPTH & Static thrust

The Kahe POD 600 can be used at depths of up to 5 meters (IP68 waterproof standard) in underwater scooter mode.
It generates around 15 kg (33 lbs) of static thrust at full power.


The Kahe POD 600 can be recharged even when in use, via its charging port, up to 10 amps (approx. 250 watts). This means you can use external batteries (12V or 24V, for example), and/or a solar panel, via a suitable lithium battery charger (optional)!

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We're finalizing the 12/24 volt charger, which will be offered as an option very soon (scheduled for June)! It will be waterproof (IP67, the only one of its kind on the market at the price we're offering) and sold at a very tight price (69 euros)! Accepts inputs from 10 to 30 volts. Output 4 amps or second model 10 amps (fast charge). 

Do you have a question about the KAHE POD 600?
Contact us via our website Chat, we'll be delighted to answer you live, or by email or phone ( contact section)! We can also arrange a meeting at our design offices in Lacanau (Nouvelle-Aquitaine).